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Shaban khamiisi🇺🇬
2018/10/26 15:09:21

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so if you meet her on twitter and impregnate her, Does the baby become a notification??

Anime ComicBook
2018/07/22 07:03:59

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Critics and MCU fans after the Aquaman and Shazam trailer.

2018/11/11 06:38:04

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When the lecturer is teaching and he suddenly starts looking at me while explaining a point.

Smart Junkie🎈
2018/11/14 22:01:44

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When flat chested ladies give birth, do the babies suck the mother’s breast or lick it?

Shaban khamiisi🇺🇬
2018/11/15 18:03:28

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Do people gain extra years from posting screenshots of birthday wishes on their statuses ??

2018/12/08 16:33:53

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Mention just one thing God can't do, I'm waiting😏

D•A•R•K•S 🇬🇭
2018/12/08 20:46:27

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What at all will make you have this pose.? 😂

Chad Duo
2018/12/18 04:51:22

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Ever wonder what's wrong with the father's side of family?

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