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2018/12/07 07:49:51

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New YEEZY 700 "Inertia" rumored to release Spring 2019, per @theyeezymafia https://twitter.com/brkicks/status/1070812593810489347/photo/1

2018/12/07 09:51:50

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Looks like the new YEEZY BOOST 700 "Inertia" is #ManateeBlue: "Clean enough to wear to work, resilient enough to get dirty. It is the blue of workwear and of industry. It lends itself to dystopia." @rebecca_storm http://ssen.se/2FPtgYr https://twitter.com/SSENSE/status/1070843291862736896/photo/1

2018/12/07 10:18:11

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2019年春リリース予定!アディダス イージー ウェーブ ランナー 700 “イナーシャ” (adidas YEEZY WAVE RUNNER 700 “Inertia”) https://www.fullress.com/2018/12/07-adidas-yeezy-wave-runner-700-inertia/ https://twitter.com/fullress/status/1070849922977673216/photo/1

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