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Drew Forsyth | Photographer 📷

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Being freelance in the run up to Christmas like

When there's only 2 minutes of the video left but bob ross starts painting another tree

fatass yokohama cop

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waiting for valkyrie previews moodboard

🏳️‍⚧️Chance@ full hiatus

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enstars event announcement night mood

FIQ 🏴‍☠️ DKS1 on 26/7

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@weareoneEXO @DashBerlin mood:

The Brawl Girl

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...I apologize to Chuck in advance, but I couldn’t resist when I saw it.


I saved these for reactions but I never had the opportunity.

нихонго позвонит

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документалки ббс — лучшее

Ziden S. Icrim ( Ceo of Sloppy Hyper Breeding)

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Half of you will relate to this birrd

bloodsport 🍯

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Tht time of the mother fuckin night again


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이것이 나

When you're a lvl. 5 support 12 minutes into a match.


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조신남 댕댕 키링보이(?) 노아를 기억해주세요 다른건 기억못해도 노아 이 두글자는 기억해주세요 노아는 천사에요 천사 알겠죠???저기요?!?

jjk1...... agust d2............ comeback................. hope world2...,,,,!,,!

bisexual hiatus bard 💫 29.05.20

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lads i have Found Jericho

🔥Res @ Goodnight Driftrod Zine

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some coding feels of the moment

Andrea González-Ramírez

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them: “you’re a journalist? that seems fun!”

Ça a même pas commencé que c'est déjà la merde

When you realize none of the enemies are showing on the map and you're just a lvl 5 support.

덕질하는 마시

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아 근데 뭘해도 레이첼의 운명은 변하지 않는게 개 빡치네요 이 개같은..겜..

Turns out I won’t be able to get my anxiety meds this month due to the virus so expect this to be me until further notice.

💙 daily exe lovemail 💙

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ever since twst's release this has been my every day mood as i wake up in the morning fearing what they will bring me next

🐷little pig boy🐷

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Hahahahahahaha, turns out this legendary image is actually from #TheHunt.

Zodiac Brave @ Planet ZDR

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Pretty sure a guineafowl is just a chicken with anxiety.

Andrea ٩( ʘᆺʘ )۶

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joining a new discord server moodboard

Пьяный Твиттер

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Моё тoтeмнoe живoтнoe — цecapкa

Lil’ Soap ✨ ✏️

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If my fursona species were true to my personality I’d be a guinea fowl

cherry’s malewife

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this was me the past few years and now i genuinely dont know how to act anymore

Йегерист похуист

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Завтра фотосет. Ассистент фотографа еще будет. 0о Плюс надо показать разные эмоции. Чувствую, будет жаришка) И я нервничаю.