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Shahnawaz khan
2019/03/15 18:06:11

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We will not be afraid.

We will not lose hope.

We will continue going to our mosques.

Our faith will get stronger.

We will remain united.

We will bow down only to Allah.
#TerroristAttack https://twitter.com/Shahnawaz_19/status/1106481710315634688/photo/1

2019/03/15 19:36:35

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إن يهدموا كل المَآذِنِ فوقنا..
نحن المَآذِنُ فاسمع التهليلا https://twitter.com/b0_diary/status/1106504459155374081/photo/1

khan Ab ®🥀 مسـافر هلــــک
2019/03/15 19:38:38

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Jannah is waiting for you guys 🙏
No body can kill Islam 🕌
#NewZealandShooting https://twitter.com/pakhtoon_01/status/1106504973909676032/photo/1

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