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Financial Times
2019/04/16 02:53:09

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Smoke and flames are seen rising during a major fire at the landmark Notre Dame Cathedral in central Paris

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Agence France-Presse
2019/04/16 02:44:08

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Emmanuel Macron reporte son allocution à cause de l'incendie de Notre Dame #AFP

Breaking News Feed
2019/04/16 02:49:12

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BREAKING NEWS: Huge fire reported at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.

2019/04/16 02:53:24

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Сообщают, что в Нотр-Даме обрушилась крыша

2019/04/16 02:54:43

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The fire is “potentially linked” to renovation work in the building, firefighters told Agence France-Presse. The gravity of the fire is still to be determined.

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2019/04/16 02:54:55

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صور تظهر الحريق الهائل بكاتدرائية نوتردام في باريس

Амінокислотний дрiщ
2019/04/16 02:55:06

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Лувр непроебите, пока я сплю.

Тротуары и Олени
2019/04/16 02:55:27

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Шпиль горящего Собора Парижской Богоматери обрушился

Ничто не вечно под луной(

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