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Marco M.M.
2019/04/16 03:52:58

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Notre Dame de Paris on fire. a day that France and the world will not forget #NotreDame #paris

Devon Mat
2019/04/16 02:39:10

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This is just awful. A beautiful place. As if Paris hasn’t suffered enough recently. #NotreDame

2019/04/16 02:41:11

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Francois Piednoel 🇫🇷🗽🇺🇸
2019/04/16 02:59:40

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This is a Catastrophe of unimaginable proportions.

Luna-C & Angel-SM
2019/04/16 16:42:38

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#NotreDame Grand medieval cathedral in the heart of Paris. It is the most famous gothic building worldwide 🕍🔥☹ #NotreDameFire

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