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2019/07/12 11:20:23

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190712 L'officiel Hommes weibo

#Yixing's gonna be featured for their August issue with 2 versions of covers and posters. Pre-sale open July 15th @ 10.07am CST
link for
Version A:
version B:

#LayZhang @layzhang

2019/07/12 11:28:53

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时装男士 weibo

时装男士8月表紙 @layzhang ポスターAバージョン事前リリース!

2019/07/12 11:41:30

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남성 패션지 L'officiel 옴므 8월호 커버를 장식하는 씽이💘

2가지의 표지(A version, B version)와 포스터가 판매될 예정이며 7월 15일 10시 7분부터 사전판매 시작

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