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2019/01/11 10:32:49

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not to be dramatic but i miss shinee so much it feels like it has been forever since we last saw them but the hiatus has yet to even start

2019/02/06 14:28:54

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remember the jinki letters we would get daily i miss reading them

2019/05/09 19:37:43

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Since they're showing "Fear of a Krabby Patty", I'm obligated to post one of my favorite Post Movie scenes from that episode.

No Context Billy and Mandy
2019/09/12 15:18:39

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me posting jeff every day for “lay my eggs”-tober

zara⁷ 🥺☻♡
2019/09/15 23:31:34

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only a month left of break... only a month left of break...

No Context Billy and Mandy
2019/10/07 11:16:59

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been working on a software project for a client since 7am :))

2019/11/16 02:59:16

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Day 15... Stay strong guys, this is what separates boys from men😤

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