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Sam McGuire

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De Gea and Pickford having a chat at full-time.

a wizone telling another wizone that otr will drop smth tonight (2020)

First year's giving each other directions. 😃😃

Mace Windu

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#ThingsWeShouldNotCelebrate wasting people's time...nothing is more disrespectful...

Russel Orhii

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Me convincing my homie to go up after he almost failed his lift 💀

غادي الاطـرق 🇰🇼

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شايف المغردين اللي هناك ماغيرهم بلشوا فقرة صباح الخير

Callum listening to Michaels advice about girls 😂 #LoveIsland

Big Eye Balls!

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Single me, showing my fellow single friends how to find true love before Valentine’s Day 🤡🤡🤡


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я подсказываю незнакомцу с улицы что где находится, когда я даже не знаю, где я сам нахожусь

🏀 Ayo Ze Fernandes💰

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Me telling my guys about #PizzaAtHalfPrice we need to go and get it