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Very informative speech
of US 🇺🇸 President George W Bush speaking in 2005.

There could be a million different types of Pandamics but this SOB exactly knew that it's going to be an Influenza like pandamic...
He is from the inner cabal of the Zionists who are on way to this bloody govt, global surveillance, no religion, no cash, no families.

Aviator Anil Chopra

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Words of wisdom that nobody worked on

Kaleem Makki

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Extremely serious warning. Maybe people did not take him seriously or did not understand what he was hinting at.

فيصل القاسم

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الرئيس الامريكي الاسبق جورج بوش قبل خمسة عشر عاماً يدعو الى أخذ الاحتياطات اللازمة من الان لموجهة اي وباء مستقبلا

Jose Herrera

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Como no era un meme igual no se le prestó la atención suficiente en 2005... #Covid_19

Felipe Wright 🇪🇸

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This evil bastard knew in 2005..All planned and scripted

Rehman Siddiq

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This is what then US president GW Bush said in the year 2005.

Note: H1N1 virus outbreak happened in 2009