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See you at 1:00pm Pacific Time today for the PlayStation 5 Showcase:

The Nobeds 🔥

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NEWS: PlayStation will debut a 40 minute showcase this Wednesday showing off upcoming PS5 launch games and beyond.

Expect a look at new games, console price and release/pre-order dates

A PlayStation 5 showcase will stream on September 16, 2020. It'll weigh in at around 40 minutes, and feature updates on the latest titles from Worldwide Studios and world-class development partner. #PlayStation5 #PS5

PlayStation LifeStyle by Mandatory

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Surprise! #PS5 showcase announced for Wednesday, September 16th

PlayStation Polska

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Pokaz PlayStation 5 już w tę środę o 22:00! #PS5

تـ ـغـ ـا ر يـ د ا لا خـ ـبـ ـا ر

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#سوني تعلن أسعار اجهزة بلايستيشن 5 و مواعيد التوفر خلال حدث يقام يوم الاربعاء القادم 16 سبتمبر.

#PS5  #PlayStation5

The Diamond Casino & Resort

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Are you hyped for tomorrow’s PlayStation Event ? 🤩


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ソニー「PS5の生産台数に変更はない」 400万台下方修正報道を否定

PlayStation Europe

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See you at 9pm BST / 10pm CEST this evening for the PlayStation 5 Showcase:

PS5 - PlayStation 5 News

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Which games would you like to see at the PS5 Showcase later today?

🇬🇧 OverLeague 🇬🇧

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Can’t wait
Hopefully see the SSD in action with some gameplay of Spiderman & maybe Horizon ... more importantly a price & release date

PlayStation India

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See you at 1:30 AM tomorrow for the PlayStation 5 Showcase:

- Not Fortnite news -

For those interested the PS5 price reveal and release date will be announced at 1PM (PDT).

Leave your guesses on what you think the price will be. #PlayStationShowcase #Fortnite

PlayStation LifeStyle by Mandatory

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Watch the PS5 Showcase live stream here.

Airs today at 1 pm PST/4 pm EST.

PS5 price and release date expected, along with looks at more PS5 games.

PlayStation Italia

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Unisciti a noi per seguire lo showcase di PlayStation 5:

Joss Karaage ¦🎮REAL HARDWARE🎮¦

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On sort les chips et le coca 👀 sûr que 100% de ma tl va regarder ! 😆
#PS5Showcase #PS5



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ドラテンはPS5版の話とかあるのかね? #ドラクエ10 #dq10 #DQX