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Cowboy & The Goof

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what is it exactly about twitter democrats & sheet cake

Chris Stein

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Angela Merkel thinks Trump's Twitter suspension is 'problematic'

Rex Chapman🏇🏼

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Best. Cake. Ever...🤣😭🤣

Recomiendo la pastelería en Avenida ‘Insurgentes’.

(´•ω•`)(🌸◔◡◔)(✿◕ᴗ◕)🍄‏🐢 (╹◡╹)( ◜◡◝ )(◕ᴗ◕ )

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this is deranged


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Since Damn Trump is trending here is mine. Damn Trump, this is the best cake EVER!!!

Anyone else want a @Twitter cake for their birthday this year?

Michael OBrien

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Seems I lost 191 well Probably frustrated Trum-Pets
Bye Bye
I gained 89 Welcome Hope You enjoy my feed.
on 1/20/21 I will end my Political shares I do not believe JOE needs watching!