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kazu ⧖ ➤ hades

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so bungie is no longer working with activision AND they get to keep destiny?


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@imchriskelly Shailene getting third billing AND two letters?!

Mariana Avila ‎🌿🌼

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i wish the scene had been longer not just because i wanted to see it... which i did lol, but i just love the idea of this not conventionally attractive woman getting, not only a man, but the man considered to be westeros’s hottest AND the queen’s boytoy, you GO BRIENNE

🇯🇲Leonardo DeBAPBAPBAPrio🇯🇲

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@syiphee @yeehawgrandma

karen han

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"keanu reeves keeps turning down marvel movies"


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Rika doing 4S and 3A in ice shows?

Mélodie Margot

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celeste has been busy, didn’t know she fucked that many guys #biglittlelies

thot patrol ʕ´• ㉨ •`ʔ sandalphon showed me his coo

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me seeing my face on russia’s 2025 clone army after they used Faceapp to steal my identity

Also I absolutely love that he went after it like that.

Misha💝 @ thumbnail hell

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me, way behind on critical role but knows nott's story and seeing her new character art where she's dressing in brighter colors and not hiding behind bandages anymore:

• out of context Victoria •

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No sé que me he perdido pero me alegra que por fin lleve ropa bonita y flores en el pelo. It's what she deserves.


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Very smart layout for Rika in JO imo. No need to risk so much for Fake Open

halsey dating evan peters is the bisexual emo kid dream

"This Tweet is unavailable."

🤔 hmmm, is this person's account locked or do they have me blocked? either way....

👼silvakuros 👼 @ loving Ry 💜

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pkmn swsh spoilers//

When I saw Oleana lose it

Dawn M. Bennett

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Congratulations Yayoi Kusama!!!

regular 𝕒ntu✨

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The plus side is tho, whenever I decide to put minimal care in how I present myself, it can only get better

Ashly Perez

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All Americans rn re: Meghan Markle and Harry

Cameron Hannibal Damage

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I feel the same way after seeing this as I did after midsommar.

In The Bleak Midwinter☀️🇪🇺⎊ ४🎄🤶🏻

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Oggi che compio 24 anni posso finalmente dirmi una vecchia zitella 😎

ʕ ˵• ₒ •˵ ʔ 💗💜💙

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I'm glad it went to Lizzo and not the same people every year

Whenever I see a Gourmet Makes thumbnail that's less than 30 mins long

nanatsu🔪 COMS OPEN

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yunho getting softer and softer every time he's drawn..

🔞☆Baphy (COMMS CLOSED!)☆🔞

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*Gets corrupted and obsessively follows and ruins my friends ocs life for not choosing her.*

Meanwhile im still like:

Papuchochoł 👩‍🎤i love Talon Blackwood too much🥺

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Rek'Sai got a solo splashart

Anthony - DC Outlaw

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@thirdrobins @birdmarrow Bruce sitting in Wayne tower watching Ace Chemicals explode:

Nick Gilbert

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My fav “oops” is a store manager who didn’t know the photos they took on the store iPad automatically uploaded to iCloud, and they took some rather intimate photos...

Lydia's Himbo Haven

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"Deer rips off 'half' of hunters face as he tries to shoot it"


in Castlevania whenever the vampire sisters discussed their evil plan, Cat and I were like

Cutlette 💖🔪 commissions open

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A lot of people with facemasks in the airport but this one lady has a facemask, goggles, protective plastic coat thing and a wide space around her because people are racist/paranoid

new year new clown

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I already kind of was bc I think she gets an unnecessarily bad rap but I really love her here

Cutlette 💖🔪 commissions open

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Happy lesbian alien day