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Mrs. Kiryu Kazuma

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me: that cosplayer is really cute
felix: yeah she is

Mustard Account li'l 🌳 listen to @onbeliefpod

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white genocide believers on twitter

Parker Molloy

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Trump reacting to anything, basically

Your boi @TP_Pillay 😂😂 RT @ParkerMolloy: Trump reacting to anything, basically

Mrs. Kiryu Kazuma

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when i was betrayed by my first bubble tea in months and got sick

Mustard Account li'l 🌳 listen to @onbeliefpod

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when u live on a prison planet

𝔐𝔞’🗡 𝕱𝖎𝖑𝖙𝖊𝖗

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J'aurais été comme ça dans tout les cas en la voyant

america’s lounge singer

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BLUE CHECK MARK: [extremely dumb post]

ME: lol ur dumb


Wild Geerters

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republicans when they get lightly roasted by a comedian at a comedy show

Patrick Monahan

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When Mr. Trump is mean to someone vs. when someone is mean to Mr. Trump

Patrick Monahan

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@gmelucci @KarenAttiah @theferocity @esquire When someone says your magazine’s cover story was stupid

me, every single night when i come home from work:

Mitch Feltscheer

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White male journos after getting one angry tweet reply.

Rude Astrology: The Knowledge No One Else Has.

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anyone: *breathes*
water signs (Scorpio/Cancer/Pisces):

@kim @UwUx7u7 @ByronYork And then on Hannity tonight

Daniel Gilmore

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@joshtpm Trump coming back to US after NATO


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OBJ: gently slaps cop’s butt celebrating LSU’s national championship.

the cop:

gay people after listening to loona for the first time

how furries react when they get called stinky on twitter dot com

@davidsirota Serious "journalists" if you block them

Scott Bixby

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When your stomach gets upset after eating a milk shake

The Lady Weird Sloth Cow

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Trans people: "Cis people..."

Cis people:

From being tossed off Titan towers to a losing a eye does it seem #ReyMysterio WWE storylines this year be like .....

@paleofuture Rand Paul after encountering angry constituents

Diabolical Lover

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@ClueHeywood @BostonPatrolmen @AceHardware Boston Patrolmen:

nader 2020🌹

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white women after you point out they benefit from white supremacy

Leftist Bluth

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@KyleKulinski *Harry Styles wears a dress*

Ben Shapiro:

Sean Davis

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Live look at @AOC every time she gets criticized for being a left-wing nut.

Right Wing Cope

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@mtracey after a 70-year-old woman brushes beside him


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When I died in Breath of the Wild for the first time


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@KuntaJay Merrick, stubbing her toe: