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Jessi Davin

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My face when people really try to make the death of a wrestler an AEW vs WWE thing

Barstool Sports

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When old people see someone doing TikTok dances in public

Richie O'Reilly

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When someone says Robert Lewandowski didn’t deserve to win the Ballon d’Or...

Keytar Hero

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Dabo when they ask him why he put OSU at 11 after the game

Will Compton

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When you see “full pads” on the practice schedule late in the year


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Us trying to keep up with all the playoff scenarios today

Lmao! Kristen Saban done deactivated her account again.

every time i lean over and see the browns/steelers score

Blake Motl

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I thought it was Syllabus week not 2 quizzes and 3 textbook chapters done by Friday week


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The NCAA when they see @EASPORTS is making another college football game

College Football Rankings ™

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Nick Saban when a staffer tells him what John Metchie said