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Rusty Goat

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Soooo it's cool if my mom still does my laundry? Scientists Reveal That People Don't Become 'Adults' Until Their 30s, So Party On Fellow Kids

Ily (イリ)

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When I finally go to my first anime con at age 30

the mcdonalds among us nugget from the bts meal

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Me: "man I've never wanted to beat a kid's ass so much in my entire life"

Also me:

Watched @argodaemon's stream, took a screenshot of @Taoienale

🌸Pink Ranger-Diana Elizabeth💖

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@LaAhuizotl Es que el que esta detrás de la cuenta esta en contacto con la chaviza

✨Midnight Regalia, Onyx✨

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danball senki wars spoilers

M. Escabias

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Así que los menores de doce años podrán salir a la calle el día 27 de abril. Interesante...

Coco Rodrigo 🖤✨

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Pues he entrado a Twitch a seguir a @KoiSamsa ( y a @ElectricNana ( que hacen sus sesiones de trabajo creativo y estudio y me siento así:


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No one:
Me when tony hawk's pro skater remastered is released:

Ramon Tonnaer

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BEING CREATIVE IS NOT THE SAME AS BEING EFFECTIVE. (Sorry not sorry) review. #growthhacking #growth #hack

James Benge

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Willian at Colney for the first day of pre-season

Kristina @ hiatus

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there are teens staying at my house for the week and i did not expect, as someone in my early twenties, to feel like this the entire time

@C6TT9N Damn what do they get from standing by the kids in such an irrelevant situation huh.
Do they wanna be one of the kool kids

A Moogle 🏳️‍🌈💻🎮🎶🇸🇪

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Grown-ass adults following Claudia Conway and being like


Marcia Effect

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agora o final level cast tem um telegram onde estamos todos lá e eu me sinto exatamente assim toda vez q abro o chat

(entre lá você tbm!!!! )

「ʜᴇʏ ᴊᴜɴ!」

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ohno: [is turning 40 this year]
cosmo: j-pop boy band arashi

arashi @ their fellow “boybands”:

The Sauce Locator (new pfp lol)

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"YOOO we hate capitalism too guys! We cancelled Bojack Horseman and Tuca & Bertie because the animators unionised! We're totally like you guys!!"

eu fingindo que entendi a expressão “os itens que dropo num sei o que lá”

ren 🌱 @ denfur

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This is exactly how it feels to be 27+ and involved with KS

Zach Heltzel

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Oh my god it's literally the Fellow Kids meme.

Jean’s Unusual Raikou Unboxing Service

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This Kotaku headline is a bit...

Channing Ellison #FreePalestine

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I was today years old when I noticed his shirt just says “Music Band”

TWEWY fans who where born in the 80s, or 90s right now

Classical Studies Memes for Hellenistic Teens

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Elon Musk tweeting memes:


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This is... extremely accurate...

Your last four saved memes are the 4 aspects of your personality.

coco ☆ p大 你杀了我吧☆

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@Chimfucius venti, basically:


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Honestly, I haven't watched animes for a while so I dunno what's popular or whatnot. Most of the time I just draw stuff, play games, or watch youtube or porn so I dunno anything more than that lul.

Tom Felton at the harry potter auditions. Auditioning for the role of Draco Malfoy

describing syobai to a friend as "the one that looks 40 years old" #sdra2

gabby⁷ 🤠

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this is how stan twitter sees me as a 20 year old

Mark Noble when he sees Jesse Lingard and Michail Antonio rehearsing new dance celebrations at the training ground

chaoscrew campaign session six out of context


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We should've illustrated this one with this


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Women in Shakespeare disguising themselves by wearing a cap

aimé e. dangerously ✰

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Meta Knight rolling up to Ike and Marth like

Танец с креветками

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@sssmirnov Смирнов через 171904 рубля

YG-Ichi Ichi Ichiro Ao - Tominist

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Also too many times, the film felt like this

el ♡ for levi, that person is erwin

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as much as i love levi, why is he always in every ema official art like

Stuff Journalists Like 📰✏️

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The median age of Fox News viewers is 65.

🌻 [kita's jacket]

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gojou in every jjk art with the high schoolers

Me trying to blend in with my gen z sister and her friends

Ira Gamagori's Three Star Cum Sock

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No One:

High School Dramas in the CW:

coco ☆ p大 你杀了我吧☆

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watching this interview where zhang zhehan talked abt how he wanted to get the younger ones together or get out of their shells makes me think of this meme

Yohkyle (Comms Closed)

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And one day, I shall end up like this. 😢. A fate that awaits us all if we're not careful. End of thread.

🅂🅃🅄 💯 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🔥

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@JustGinaMMA @KGBlmfao @shereaps @Nickteixeira2a1 @ProsciuttoJr

beardywerk 👉🏻 #BLM

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Me making small talk while coloring the hair of a new client who’s in 8th grade.

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ이거 패러디잔아 더이상 적절할 수 없다