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PARK SOOYOUNG has been cast as the terminally ill influencer character '성미도' in the upcoming JTBC drama ‘한 사람만’!

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DC 조이갤러리

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레드벨벳 조이, JTBC '한사람만' 주인공 확정…드라마 컴백 [공식] (출처 : 마이데일리 | 네이버 TV연예)
#레드벨벳 #RedVelvet #조이 #JOY

[press release] going by her real name, actress park sooyoung to make a drama comeback after 3 years through jtbc drama "only one person" that is expected to be broadcasted december this year!


Red Velvet Brazil 💚🎶

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[#INFO] 10/06/21 - Depois de 3 anos, Park Sooyoung voltará a atuar no drama 'Only One Person', da JTBC!

Ela interpretará Sung Mi Do, uma digital influencer que conhece o 'assassinato' antes da 'morte'.

O drama será transmitido em dezembro.


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[PRESS] Park Sooyoung confirmed to portray Sung Mido in JTBC drama 'Just One Person'.

Sung Mido is an SNS influencer who is at her peak, only to learn her life is about to end. She is entangled in a murder case before her death.


근데 볼수록 우리 영이
눈빛부터가.... 완성됐는데? ㅜㅜ


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11日、#SMエンターテイメント によると、ジョイは、死の宣告を受けた女性とどん底の人生の男が殺人事件に巻き込まれながらもお互いの人生の...続き↓


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SNS influencer Sung Mido (#JOY) is at her peak when she learns she is terminally ill. Shrouded in mystery since she was young, she considers other people's opinions the most important thing. Her last days become eventful as she's entangled in a murder case.


SMTOWN Indonesia

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JOY Red Velvet Tampil Dalam Drama JTBC ‘Only One Person’

Cek artikel lengkapnya di Official Facebook Page SMTOWN Indonesia

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안⃝녕⃝ 『꽃ᩚ보ㄷr조○l」🎶

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