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dee⚡️is waiting for her nexus event

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when you love every version of loki so every loki content is good loki content
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Rose ✪▪︎४▪︎❄

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Now that's someone the sun shined on 💚

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Loki Updates

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New HD look of #Loki in #WhatIf . The show premieres next Wednesday 💫

The new stills for the #WhatIf series have been released!

Binge Watch This

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Feast your eyes on these new photos from Marvel's #WhatIf!

Disney Animation Promos

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Marvel's #WhatIf premieres tomorrow on Disney+.

Will you be watching?

jay ✧ thena's wife

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loki and sif crumbs hit differently after today #whatif

The Hollywood Reporter

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REVIEW: #WhatIf promises to be a space for the kinds of weird, challenging or silly ideas the live-action MCU properties never touch — but then, presented with these playful hypotheticals, it can hardly muster enough curiosity to wonder what happens next


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NEWS: New Heroes Arise in Japanese Dubbed Trailer for Marvel's What If...? TV Animation


Loki Updates

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Tom Hiddleston will return as #Loki next Wednesday, in the new #WhatIf episode

“What If Loki presented himself to the governments of Earth as king of Asgard using all his diplomacy?”

Tom Hiddleston México

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Se decía que el tercer episodio de #WhatIf sería de Loki en la Tierra, pero los posters que lanzaron hoy dicen otra cosa
Leí una teoría de que Loki estará luchando con el ejercito asgardiano, y podría ser verdad de acuerdo a estas imágenes tomadas del trailer
¿Ustedes qué opinan?

Loki Updates

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Tom Hiddleston returns as #Loki tomorrow in the new episode of #WhatIfMarvel.

Will you be watching?

Me causa un placer inexplicable ver a loki triunfar 🛐🛐 #WhatIf #loki

Best of Tom Hiddleston

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Loki perfect in What if..? and with wonderful voice by Tom Hiddleston.

jules 🍜

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#WhatIf spoilers
What if the #WhatIf writers wrote Loki Season 2

४ 𝐣𝐚𝐝𝐢🎄

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【ネタバレ】「ホワット・イフ…?」第3話、声優陣まとめ ─ もしも世界が最強のヒーローたちを失ったら?


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【ネタバレ】「ホワット・イフ…?」第3話、声優陣まとめ ─ もしも世界が最強のヒーローたちを失ったら?

Poe's Law 🇷🇺: 3.33 You can (not) redo

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Watched What-If Episode 3

Honestly... it was good shit.

The replacement for Scarlett Johansson wasn't bad either.

Not the biggest fan of the animation but it grew on me.


Shambëlle ४✨🖤☀️

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#WhatIf spoilers

the avengers dead? we do not care, look at ✨ him ✨

Cade 🎃 Loki & Mobius

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#WhatIf spoilers

From 1-10 rate today's episode of #WhatIf and what did you think of #Loki's role in the episode👀.