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starting to understand why anime fans are insane

Nana⁷ | Yoonkook Subunit Incoming

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Nah they made these men a lil too fine

audrey ⁷₁₃ ♡🍡

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yes i have a crush on haru no one talk to me

ɴᴀɴᴀ ʜᴏᴘᴇ⁷ 🐿️ stay alive

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Jimin e Haru tem o mesmo sorriso 😭💔

м𝐄ᵉⓝ¹³🍒🐥(semi IA)

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On another note, Haru reminds me strongly of Retsu Unohana.
Their are always smiling, soft spoken and well-mannered.
But, there are times when their smile makes people take a step back or pissed their pants too.


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Eu to tao apaixonada vcs nao tao entendendo eu daria minha vida por ele

i absolutely loveeeeee haru’s look, personality and YES THE EARRINGS ! the character fits jimin’s mould so well!!

look at how much fun he’s having at zeha’s expense if this isn’t giving peak jiminie hyung 😭

ℳ₁₃ 🍒 j.m

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The duality? Damn he is so good looking and beautiful at the same time.

#WEBTOON_Jimin  #HARU_Jimin 

bangtan⁷ STAY ALIVE🌌 🌠 -_x

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look at HIM 😭😭😭

chimichanga ☘️

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y’all mind if i scream?