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Search time: 373ms Here is the full thing if you wanna watch. However keep in mind this is a joke. So many people thought I was dead serious on it. Which in some ways was the point but man....


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People: Are you gonna sell lewds?

Me: Most likely (No nudes)


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Reopening this for Anon Image Requests only, it was never used for Asks anyway. It was hardly ever used but might as well open it back up. Responses to these will be posted on Pixiv.


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Making complex fabric on illustration is one of my biggest weakness.

ベアトリス 💀

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but to say the show about demons and devils in hell being racist, homophobic and just generally bigoted and shit and getting MAD about it??? you either don't know what the fuck a demon/devil is or you're just looking for reasons to piss and scream, can't help you there mate

@DR__Lewd At the moment at least your guess is as good as mine

Damn I haven’t updated my hentai folder in two weeks apparently oh well

Nep ✨️💙 (Comms CLOSED ❌️)

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G'morning! 😊

If you're afraid to draw any Byleth/FE stuff cause of the latest direct, well tough luck, there will always be someone who won't be happy with what you make, that's just a given in life.

Just be happy you're drawing something for the enjoyment of it! 💙

Kentman💜💛🐍 🖤

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yo guys I kind of miss doing news videos maybe a return who knows we will see how this video goes

🕸 𝑴𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓 𝑺𝒑𝒊𝒅𝒆𝒓

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I need to be more active and reconnect with all the lovely peeps.

Sadly, everything now just drains my soul, so I only get on before bed.

Miss the old days.

@GiggukAZ @Sydsnap I don't have a SoundCloud so just, have a nice weekend I guess…(and follow me)

Quintessential weeb trash

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Damn UK finally in lockdown, guess I can finally get through some on my plan to watch list.

🌸 mew miyu ♡ VTuber 🌸

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I hate that I was only ever relevant for who I've dated in the past.since being single for awhile, so many people have disappeared from my life, I'm never accepted into vrchat parties, and my twitter notifications are dead.


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@iAshenn @Haruchan_desu4 You get used to it

i understand ppl not wanting ff7 spoilers kinda, esp if ur young, but i also kind of dont get it because i just assumed everyone played the original and knows the story

✨🦊Kitsune Katsumi🦊✨VTUBER

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And apparently Daba, too. We were just trying to stand up for myself because she was talking shit, but it's whatever.

trumblonie but chenquisition

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>tfw not that sad about missing arma this weekend because it'll have another shitty chikon mission


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My sister keeps calling me “Sugar Toes”

I am now Sugar Toes

🖤Kunoichi Aubs 🥀

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28. Worst opening/ending

Honestly I dunno, I can't think of any at the time lolol

🖤Tsuvia Tato🖤BLM🤎

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Do you count your online friends, as your friends? I mean, for me yeah.

🕸 𝑴𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓 𝑺𝒑𝒊𝒅𝒆𝒓

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I stay out of politics on here.

It’s easier that way.

Honoka Sakigata

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Tbh im kinda losing interest in this account :/

Scruffy - Sango's #1 Simp

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@aubganjagoddess Guess we'll never know

Pine Trees of Tzimisce

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"I am not praticipating in this silly game because the morning of the skies with sunrain, do not know what to do as usual."

Andrew 'Steiner' Hodgson

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When the character uses 己 as their pronoun but おれ is the furigana. You truly can write whatever the fuck you want in this language.

Lately I've been seeing more "This tweet is unavailable" things on my timeline and upon some basic engineering it's apparently people I've met in person at events who blocked me for some arbitrary reason

you guys really aren't helping the case against cliquey idol culture here

Weebs are just an easy demographic to please, just give them the uncensored product and you got yourself a cash cow.

Not sure how so many companies manage to overlook something so simple

jen_tsukase 🔞

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@MeidocafeR Sometimes it is like that..

Ink🔞Bday 03/30

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I don't make funny/good tweet i mostly draw porn and stuff so new followers be prepared

🌟 Ezereal 🌟 (Instagram: @ezereal2022)

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Today I just saw an all new 'insider' emerging from nowhere, and with statements so vague he'll be right and praised for that.

For each insider falling there's one emerging, randoms without credentials...

I'd like to know the profile of those believing them... teens?

Jay Izumi❄️

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Here’s my take on this, yes r*pe is a very sensitive topic and traumatic experience, but it isn’t a taboo subject. Now do I approve of r*pe jokes? I’m indifferent towards them. It’s only when people make jokes specifically targeting r*pe victims is when I have a problem.

Jay Izumi❄️

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I know I say this every month, but I’m really not getting any enjoyment out of twitter and its been getting worse and worse every month. Like idk what else to do here besides eventually post my SAO review. Tweeting doesn’t give me any excitement or interactions anymore so eh...

🕸 𝑴𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓 𝑺𝒑𝒊𝒅𝒆𝒓

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Spellbreak has been sort of fun, but not my style.

♡ kimi — sadgyaru

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Just what happens when ur a super hot sexy girl like me

Most likely Meme man is going to win. If Biden wins I'll be surprised but I have my money on Meme man. No preference for political parties but those are my expectations.

Got my confirmation for my iPhone, it won't be here till Nov 18. Oh well

💜Amber (The Gayest Girl)💛

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Maybe it helps that I stopped mentally progressing at like, 17 I dunno


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Didn't feel like using a Christmas Avi for like 2 months.

@brutalace1 Hope it doesn’t happen to yours. Even on my PC it didn’t do that just on my pixel. I tried opening a ticket as well with Twitter, they never followed up

dont know of any non binary stereotypes in media. sorry, I only recently started becoming more accepting of non binary people so my knowledge is kind of low.

A friend just asked me what my "brand" is. I have no idea. 😂 Writer? Memestress? Cartel leader? What would you guys say?

❄️🎄Fa-la-la-la-lafaia ❄️🎄

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Random TL advice.

I don’t put up with ignorance, neither should you.

I may be very kind hearted and accepting but if you’re being a dumbass around me, I’ll call you out and force you out. I don’t have the time NOR patience for it.

Neither should you.

Jeshy 🧲🦌⚡

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You know, I get a lot of interesting follows, from College professors too very hardcore hentai artists.

Well i aint discrimate on friendship , welcome aboard new friends.

@AhrijjangEio ..맛있게 먹었다는데...맛없게 먹었다면 화를 넸겠죠

Posting controvertial tweets is a good way to tank followers but let's be honest, what is the point in tweeting if you are just going to repeat what everybody else is saying.


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I forgot new year resolutions are a thing... I actually don't know what I want to with myself so I'll just vibe like usual


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if i have ever sent U a open, just know im not gonna be passing that to other people, it's special just for you .

I dunno
Hey @King_Nido17
@paigelabarge any of you guys want this?
I feel kinda bad I just...fell off the face of the earth with all you guys and curse so...yeah I'm still around. I blame real life stuff

I love how saying something isnt illegal is enough to set people off even after I said it's still bad either way. oh how dare I point out that said individual didnt technically break the law.

never disagree even slightly with vtuber fans or else they will go apeshit on you for daring to gave a slightly differing viewpoint. I merely pointed out something while extremely bad was technically not illegal and I had trans phobic abuse thrown my way.

Jeshy 🧲🦌⚡

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I had a funny planned but i forgot to save the image in drafts

This is so SAD!

🌟 Ezereal 🌟 (Instagram: @ezereal2022)

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It's always weird to be unfollowed because of a gaming opinion because it's so trivial....

If I was doing this every time someone disagrees with me about a gaming opinion I'd have unfollowed thousands of people 😌😆

❄️ 𝙴𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚎𝚘☕️💕{Demo Comms Closed}

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Me: "Wow. Haven't been feeling good all week and super sore.... oh well!"

Doctor: "You're suffering from a virus that attacks your nervous system. How are you okay right now????"

Alice C. Alucard - Rebooting 1/17/2022

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Thinking of streaming in about 4 hours.
Don't know what I'm going to be doing. Just hanging out I guess.


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Google effectively turned digital media into a perishable product. As an artist and a programmer, I understand their desire to be a lazy, greedy ass mofo who just wanted to squeeze as much money from past work. Though, they didn't even create those "past work" (music) themselves!

@OtachanShow I guess I’ll just eat the chocolates I bought for you then

The shots I put less effort get more attention. Maybe I should idk half ass them.


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In the Gaming Industry, Having a CEO who is a gamer on his/her pastlife is better than nothing at all, also, not Greedy.

Is there a way to half ass your work where you don't look too good but also be enough to scrape by without getting fired? Lately I've been seen as the type of person people depend on and I don't like that. No free time

Lumia 🖤🤍 emergency comms OPEN

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Hate to publically out people but

Sharky_Splitz| 📖: Seihei

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Mikasa prolly stay in 2nd

I'll defend this is a series where uts better to watch the anime...manga was overhyped for my eyes. Not bad but...ehh

@brutalace1 I'm a simple man, anything for Lucia I love. It is what it is 😅


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I guess it's only good to share thoughts when I agree, DB discourse only brings unhappiness to me and is for shit like this. More of a reason to not talk about it I guess. If anyone is allowed to bevupset isvtrent and thst I could at least understand. Whatever, i'm moving on.

Awake at 7am because i got a property surveyor coming round today.

Can't really promise a stream until he has left so i will likely be dropping a impromptu apex climbing stream later today.

Why don't people get he was being sarcastic...? Everyone knows this whole delisting is bullshit.

I dunno Air Gear is...not doing much. It's enough to keep me wanting to finish but not in a wanna rush to see read more way

Bondforged RamBou

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Funny how I was looking at people being angry in a normal tweet and questioned "Why are people so angry?" then I remembered it's twitter. 😐

Hot take:
Anyone else feel like the very special episodes related to drugs and alcohol abuse are like...the softest handled type of very special episode? I dunno I wanna say that compared to stuff like abuse and racism drug and alcohol abuse are pretty softly show in media

Sado 🌸🔍🥕🐙 🥐💋🤰🫀🕷

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@Mii_27478 Well they are hard down Christians I I suppose

Tweeting while pooping is just multitasking Its productivity !!

BlazeTheFox (sick but recovering)🔞

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@dreamypride1 @latchk3y It be what it be X3

🌟 Ezereal 🌟 (Instagram: @ezereal2022)

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@NinEverything I wish we'd have more upcoming software talks, this Switch Pro is something most people won't have before 2022 due to shortages and scalpers.

explain that after the damage is done just seems like you're makin excuses so i just let whatever happens happen

Raych 🦊

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Already seen my follower count drop by like 20 due to me cleaning my follows earlier today.

The "follow-for-follow" accounts are showing...

It's not just on me that I haven't interacted with you and barely seen you on my timeline