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Anthony Dickens ☮️

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Tell you what, Wave Race 64 ha aged really well, it’s still great and the presentation is top draw.

Garrett Williamson

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Yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of Wave Race 64, which is without a doubt one of my all-time favorite games and probably in my top 5 favorite video game soundtracks.

Happy bday, you glorious, gorgeous, wondrous game.

Please give us a new Wave Race, Nintendo. Please.

Christian Johannesén $8

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I would have said Goldeneye is my favorite N64 game, but turns out I hold Wave Race 64 closest to my heart, because that was where I found out my mother was a sneaky flippin' gamer. She played for hours to git gud and help me unlock all tracks. 🥺


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@thegamerwebsite *FINAL LAP*

(And my brain says SPINAL TAP)

N64 Memories

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Unless you were there, I can’t articulate how it felt to play Mario 64 & Wave Race 64 for the first time.

Rad Dad Redemption

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Sometimes I sit back and think how amazing Waverace was and wish we had another one.

Michael Kelly

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Waiting patiently for this gem to come to the Switch Online N64 roster.


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@Non_omuro 私も実機で遊びましたが(緑発生まで進めてはないですが)、64の〝グリグリ〟の操作性が平成すぎてまともに動けませんでしたね……。


Easy Allies

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Welcome, Racers! 🌊

We’re live right now with Damiani, Don, Huber, & Brad playing Wave Race: Blue Storm

Tune in @

Easy Allies

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💫Yoooou’re a great racer!💫

Tune in to Don vs. Wace Race on


Christina Tasty

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I'm probably going to cool it on the Harry Potter Broomstick Wars discourse unless I see something really heinous.

Wave Race 64 will always be the best game.

Easy Allies

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Surf on over to for a radical time with Don vs. Wave Race!