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El Partidazo de COPE

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💥 #TertulionPartidazo: el @realmadrid y el @AthleticClub estarán en las semifinales de la #CopaDelRey🏆

📌 Paco González

📌 @lamacope

📌 Joseba Larrañaga

📌 @Guaschcope

📌 Roberto Palomar

📌 Gonzalo Miró



📻 #PartidazoCOPE

Since the World Cup ended, Vinicius Jr. has been fouled 34 times in 6 times.
This is despite numerous calls not being given. Not to mention the constant racist abuse, boos and insults.

He stills dribbles, creates, scores and puts up performances.

Role model. @vinijr 🌟🇧🇷