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(20/26) she has pause with.

Leon & Ashley are trying to get to a Helicopter extraction point. Ashley's VA reportedly does a great job, she's more serious, less bratty, but afraid but gathering up her courage than she was in the OG. No hiding in dumpsters, but you can press R3 to


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The level of detail they put into this game including the upgradable leather carrying pouches and animations.

AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem

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(8/25) The map is turned 90 degrees to the right to how we've seen the map previously, but the Villa is where you first meet Luis, but been reimagined in the remake into a more extravagant building.

Capcom says the story follows most of the same beats of the OG, but with new

AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem

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(11/25) The Hunter's Lodge (the first cabin you enter in RE4) includes locked doors you can optionally come back to later once pick up certain keys. One of Leon's early quips in this section is, "Bill me for the repairs later!" He's apparently quite a cornball still.



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RE4 NEWS: New character screenshots released by Game Informer.

New Gameplay:

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بعض الصور من لعبة #ResidentEvil4Remake من خلال تغطية خاصة في موقع و مجلة #GamerInformer ، كم نسبة حماسكم للعبة؟ 😯

October Keegan Art 🎃

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First look at sidequests in Resident Evil 4 remake, looks like more context was given to the Blue Medallion quest from the original game.