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ألفريدو مارتينيز :
" أعتقد أن تصريح دي لا فوينتي عن غافي كان مُتهور إلى حد ما . "

Barça Buzz

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🎙️| Gavi in an interview with @marca on the defeat against Japan..

🗣️: "It wasn't easy at first. We wanted to win, be first and continue with the good feelings. The coach had warned us that it was the most difficult game."

La Senyera

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🗣️ | Spain coach De la Fuente: "He's a fantastic player, in the process of maturing, and we still haven't seen the best version of what he will be in the future"

"Give me a Gavi before any other type of footballer. He's contagious to all his teammates"

Radioestadio Noche

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🎙️ @Alfremartinezz

"Creo que el comentario que ha hecho Luis de la Fuente sobre Gavi sobraba"