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Sanjay Sharma
2016/01/31 15:47:22

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Don't wait for someone to make you happy. Make yourself happy and one day someone will be happy to have you.

2016/01/28 04:11:39

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@jfernandezc2003 Buenas noches guapa!! #LHM728 Bonitos sueños.. Besotes

2016/02/06 07:11:47

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Hoy a la "magia de de la de la "noche, "le pido "que, "arrulle tus, "sueños..

2016/03/11 05:21:12

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@MaiztegiMiren @Maria_Rocio_L @ari_arancha @mari50silles @MontserratLpez8 @m_ontoba @Arisblue39 @iosu_blanco B.N<3Bs

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