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2017/07/03 09:19:35

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Dani reacted exactly the way I wanted her to when I shared this pic in the chat dgdgdfdf

gise loves bangtan and michael
2018/12/11 15:13:18

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te voy a demandar min yoongi 1er aviso @BTS_twt

2019/04/10 23:00:59

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나 진짜 올블랙 슈가 미치게 좋아해😭


🍯honey menu🍯
2019/05/12 08:39:05

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okay but. uhm. bodyguard yoonseok au with hoseok as yoongi's permanent agent and yoongi as the son of the prime minister. like. it needs to be a thing

2019/12/03 13:49:34

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민윤기 올블랙 착장 격한 사랑...

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