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still not an armycarat? fix that immediately

#BTSVT: i know you see somehow the world will change for me

@woozkook yesss oomf get that attention armycarats follow me

bruh what if they drop the cb announcement right after the epilogue

eu fico pensando que se já fiquei mais de uma vez com umas 5 pessoas então elas devem ter gostado pra querer ficar comigo de novo ne

Park Chimmy🐥

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This literally is the most random collab that I've seen in a while. Like who came up with this idea in the first place?

this jimin with this jeonghan.... we are thinking

run bts x going svt crossover.. an episode where jeonghan and jimin team up and cheat on the other members ... :)

this jimin with this jeonghan.... we are thinking

this jimin with this jeonghan.... we are thinking



are u in the right headspace to think abt hoshi bandaid again


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when hoshi lilili yabbays im front of you then we can speak !!!!!!!!



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so this is what boys do in the washroom??

i love tiktoks where it's just a bunch of boys coming together to fuck around


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[17'S 민규] 아직안끝낫다아❤️