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Amarae 💚💜

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This is strikingly accurate to my late friend. So.. this one's for you. Died the way you lived, doing nothing. You did nothing to death.

Margaret Gel 🏳️‍⚧️

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I'm 34. If I'm succeeding, improving, AND blossoming, this late in life? Then you can surely do it, toot.

Think of the pretty lady who plays Skyrim. Shirley Curry.

Don't give up.

B. Dave Walters: I Say Words About Things

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Today's PSA

와 다른 언어 배우는 입장에서 공감ㅋㅋ

Animal GIF

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when bae is trying to be cute when you're mad at them

When someone says they prefer automatic instead of a manuel gearbox...