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The Mark Bland

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Its always Don’t Tread on me… but now its “we won’t tread on you, your scary!”

People saying Kid Rock is more talented than Bruce Springsteen.

Wrassler: Occasional swearing because why the hell not?


Clarence Thomas having a rough time with Ketanji Brown Jackson

Capitol Police when they see Marjorie Taylor Greene’s complaint about Kimmel’s joke

Ahegao Communist

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Commies meaner than I thought. Good thing they lost

#PiedadCórdoba fue a nuestra embajada a pedir q le renováramos Visa! Oh my God!! @omarbula @OviedoFanny @schmidtpil

Марин Ле Пен: каждая страна должна иметь право решать с кем ей дружить.

А разве Вашингтонский обком это позволит??

If you’re ever wondering what Hell is like, it’s being in this room with Matt Gaetz.

Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦

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I don’t think Madison was exaggerating.

Donald Trump = Vladimir Putin’s cockholster

#Pentax K-1 と同クラス #fullframe #dslr のAFフレーム比較。他社もそんなに広いって訳じゃないんだなー、という感想


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مغردون يتشاركون بتلخيص "السعادة" في كلمة واحدة.. شاركونا بتلخيصكم للسعادة عبر هاشتاق #لخص_السعادة_في_كلمة

Book burning in 1933 and again in 2022

Congrats Republicans!


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Book burning in 1933 and book burning in 2022.

President Biden bringing 467,00 new jobs to our economy.

Biden Boom

when you say something nice about Hillary Clinton online