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Olivia Pichardo's helmet is headed to the Baseball Hall of Fame after she became the first woman to play in an NCAA Division I baseball game last Friday 👏

(via @baseballhall)

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum ⚾

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. @_oliviapichardo made history Friday by becoming the first woman to appear in an NCAA Division I baseball game when she pinch-hit for @BrownU_baseball. The helmet she wore will become a part of the Museum’s collection in Cooperstown. (Photo courtesy Brown Athletics)

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Giants High-A affiliate will become the Exploding Whales for four games this season

(via @EugeneEmeralds)

Eugene Emeralds

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Introducing our new “Exploding Whales” threads for the 2023 season 🐳🧨#RootedHere

Chris Creamer

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The @EugeneEmeralds will play four games this season as the Exploding Whales, commemorating an infamous event more than 50 years ago when officials tried to remove a whale carcass from a beach by blowing it up with dynamite. Read about it!

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John Daly is in Las Vegas to watch basketball

PointsBet Sportsbook

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John Daly realizing it’s a bad day to be an Arkansas fan

Arkansas down by 17 at the half 😬

Talkin’ Baseball

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Can you name these short kings just by look at their stats?! @JM_RefGuess

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Btw there’s a zebra on the loose in Seoul, South Korea

Sokeel Park 박석길

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This isnt AI - theres a zebra loose on the streets of Seoul

Baseball Brit

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Apologies for the non-baseball post, but I live in Seoul - a city with a metro population of 26 million people.

Anyway, currently a zebra is on the loose...

Cautiously Nihilistic

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So this happened in my neighborhood today


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( ◜𖥦◝ )←こんな顔で見てた


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Brooklyn Nets’ Yuta Watanabe was rocking Shohei Ohtani’s jersey after Japan’s World Baseball Classic win

“He’s like God in Japan right now”

(via @NickFriedell)

Nick Friedell

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Yuta was beaming walking out of the Nets’ locker room after Ohtani struck out Trout and closed out WBC for Japan. He said he is friends with Ohtani and looks up to him.

“He’s like God in Japan right now. Everybody looks up to him.”

Nets Videos

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Yuta very much enjoyed the end of the World Baseball Classic 🇯🇵 @wacchi1013

(via @NickFriedell)


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Yuta Watanabe rocking Shohei Ohtani’s jersey after tonight’s game

“He’s like God in Japan right now.” 🔥

(Via @NickFriedell )

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Looks like pitchers and hitters won’t be the only people on the field who have to speed it up

Batboys and batgirls will also have to be quick

(via @JeffPassan)

Big Baby David

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The batgirl advanced metrics better be on savant

Speaking from the experience of being a batboy for a minor league team one year, I would’ve absolutely LOVED getting graded on performance. Sounds like so much fun.

Imagine the bragging rights a 99 Overall batboy would have.

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The Japanese call of the final out of the WBC is amazing