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Fred Schultz

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Take whatever you want just don’t hit me in the head with the dart again, ok? 🤦‍♂️😏🤣🤣


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Девочка случайно метнула дротик в лоб оператора аттракциона👍

Лучшие гифки

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Попала в самый главный шарик😅

Fred Schultz

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Might be the greatest sword fight in history. 😏🤣⚔️

Someone Googled “Worst sword fight ever”...and got this.

This video has been slowed down so we all can appreciate this epic sword fight

Big plot twist at the end, wait for it. 😏😭💀

Fred Schultz

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He’s pretty good at skipping rocks actually. 😏🤣

ًًيوسف العتيبي

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ماشاء الله عليه يعرف يرجم فنان 👌🏻

This one was designed by the Wrong Brother’s. 🤦‍♂️😏😭


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I don’t think he achieved the necessary 88 mph, Doc.😏

So that’s why the chicken crossed the road. 😏🤣🐓


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¿Por qué la gallina cruzó la carretera? 😂

Way to use your head out there. 🤦‍♂️😏🤣🤣⚽️


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Tag your friend the set-piece specialist 👇

🎥 IG/scweiz.official

مــجــيــد 𓅓

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لو انا مكان اللاعب الي جالس اقوم افقع وجهه الاهبل😂😂

🇦🇪 محمد الحمادي 🇦🇪

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من اجمل الكرات الثابته التي من الممكن ان تراها على الإطلاق 👍🏻🙂