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ジルとカルロスのコンビを、また見せてくれよな...! #RE3 #REBHFun

하여간 공식계정이 얼마 전에 업로드한 이 안 쓰인 컨셉아트(아키라 오마쥬) 엄청 잘 만들었다 왜 안 썼을까...

Frédéric Bennett
Concept Artist at Eidos Montréal

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Deus Ex: Akira Tribute
Frédéric Bennett氏のイラストレーション。

If Netlfix want to rival Disney+, they need to up their game. And purchasing the rights to this, would be a start.. scratch that a total win

An evil twist unleashes a fiery vengeance in this dark portrayal of Frozen’s Elsa!