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Gleyber With No Brim (Corey)

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This girl had the whole section rooting for her bottle flip

Jomboy Media

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The most electric moment at Yankee Stadium today

Barstool Sports

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The bleachers of Yankee stadium are electric

Gleyber With No Brim (Corey)

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Happy Birthday to Aaron Judge!!!! Tb to when he broke statcast...

Bronx Pinstripes

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THE Judge HR that you will talk about for a lonnnnnng time. 😱

New York YankeesJP

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アーロン・ジャッジが7月7日以来となる31号3点本塁打!!! #mlbjp

Gleyber With No Brim (Corey)

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Patriot "fans" marching their way over to the Buccaneers fanbase like
#gronk #Buccaneers


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Communities all over the world came together when “I write sins not tragedies “ dropped

Michael Schutte

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Film twitter, stan twitter, comic twitter, coming together for #TheBatman

Ksoo Solo When

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The entire Kpop industry on their way to comeback everytime an Exo announces new music