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Live on Al Jazeera right now, IDF artillery firing into Gaza


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Rocket attacks on Be’er Sheva and surrounding towns, in southern Israel


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Israeli airstrikes have destroyed another large building in Gaza. It was housing a bank.


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Iron dome launches and rocket launches from Gaza tonight

AFP News Agency

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Israel's Iron Dome defence system and rockets launched from Beit Lahia in the Gaza Strip rise into the night sky on May 14

📸 Anas Baba

Mia K.

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I think it was from Anthony Bourdain’s trip to Palestine on his show where someone said “In Gaza, you’re born dead”. No one is arguing.

Charles Lister

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This is an extraordinary picture — showing #Hamas rockets launching from northern #Gaza en masse (right) & the resulting volley of #IronDome interceptors launched next-door in #Israel.

From @AFP

Painted Pony-Dog

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Note, please use proper containers for gas. ;P


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Skyline in Gaza after the IAF strikes earlier

Amichai Stein

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After Hamas launches hundreds of rockets towards Israel from Gaza, Israel strike terror targets and senior terrorists homes in Gaza

خبر عاجل | #غزة

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#غزة هذه اللحظات

دعواتكم ...

®️ابو البطش

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غزة تحت القصف
حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل


هذه مدينتنا.. نحن من هذه المدينة

الاحتلال الصهيوني ينصعر في #غزة


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Qudssaya suburb of Damascus. Heavy damage.

Lebanese News and Updates

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Result of the Israeli agression on Syria.

Photos from #Qudssaya, West #Damascus, shot in a few minutes after the attack