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Lord of Wolves destroys my Super wow. Why would anyone even use this broken gun? What’s fun of using it? lol #Destiny2

Meguppe 🇯🇵

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Got a black screen and lost all my kill count. Amazing game. #Destiny2 #PS4share

nyeo が2011年に一番多く発言した漢字は【夢】です。1位【夢】2位【紅】3位【楼】 その他のランキングはこちら → #watakan2011


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Shinji_Kirisawa が2011年に一番多く発言した単語は【#F1jp】です。 その他のランキングはこちら → #watatan2011


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YU2sora が2011年に一番多く発言した単語は【BRS】です。 その他のランキングはこちら → #watatan2011

にま / nima_3737🇩🇪

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ボンネット開いちゃって右往左往してるうちにウォールにぶっ刺さるという奇跡 #Nur24jp

Gamers Heroes

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What are you playing this weekend?

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Hakim (Zit) 🌍

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.(presque) PERFECT ! HAHAHA 😂 ! Nouvelle campagne de pub Street Fighter 2 x Mcdonald's France ! #Ryu #Ken #SF2 #SFII #StreetFighter2 #Capcom #OhMyCar @McDoFr_Newsroom

Julien JODRY

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#McDonalds joue sur la corde sensible des gamers des 90's, en ressuscitant la #Lexus LS de #StreetFighter 2, pour sa nouvelle campagne mettant en scène Ken et Ryu au McDrive.

@McDoFr_Newsroom @LexusFrance @Lexus @Lexus_EU @StreetFighter


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Gaming Humor & News

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Well this is uncomfortably accurate.

Meguppe 🇯🇵


Meguppe 🇯🇵

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Many non-shooter offline gamers like to look down on gamers who play only shooters like cod but I mean look at the other side (offline non-shooter gamers). They are too busy talking about boobs of female characters everyday. And I am like


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Dani Deahl

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Me waiting for @realDonaldTrump supporters to figure out how to spin "grab them by the pussy”

부스 되신 분들 축하드려요!!!! 저는 여러분의 작품을 기다립니다! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。

Little girl down the street set up a lemonade stand. Awww so adorable!

and all the money is going to the animal shelter. Ahhhhh!!!