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Outlander Magazine

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Maison Margiela ‘Kiss’ Shirt (2007)

有名なマルジェラのキスマークシャツ、「あの そろそろ口にキスさせてもろて良いですか?」って右下らへんでくちびるがキレてるように見えるよね

It's Nice That

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Graphic designer, Paul Bergès, is able to make objects using any material around him >

Cᴏɴᴛᴇᴍᴘᴏʀᴀʀʏ Aʀᴛ Nᴏᴡ!

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Glue Pour (1970) | Robert Smithson (@UBC)

Sergey Sus

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People Are Posting “Accidental Renaissance” Pictures And The resemblance Is Uncanny


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Marcos Cruz... GRUPOS NÃO...

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Urban Lowlands, Shinjuku 新宿
Limited edition prints now available

New China 中文

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人海茫茫中,你的爱情在哪里?愿你找到有情人,愿有情人终成眷属,#情人节 快乐!(photos by Katrin Korfmann)

Y2K Aesthetic Institute 💽 BLM

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“Germ War Wear” ‘antiseptic’-themed photoshoot in the March/April 1997 issue of Sportswear International. Mix of the sleek, sterile look of Gen-X Soft Club, and retro-futuristic metallics & transparent materials of Y2K. (1/2)

Photography by Eva Mueller, styling by Edina Sultanik