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Right Wing Strawmen/Projection

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The utter state of conservative discourse today.

Matt Austin

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Ted is going full Trump. You never go full Trump.

Dope Tugging Knob

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@scrowder Sounds like you should have a debate about this

Right Wing Cope

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@benshapiro another epic ben shapiro libshart owned moment

Off to work! In case we are busy and I can't screw around on my phone all day (say it ain't so!), have this.

Slugger D. Maxman

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Quién quiere curar el cáncer cuando puedes CONVERTIR A LA GENTE EN DINOSAURIOS.

Edward Shlikas

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US has largest prison population in the world w/ 2,220,300 adults incarcerated & 4,751,400 on probation or parole.


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