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Nessa ✰⋆

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honestly deserved at this point. barbz moving weird asf in the quotes and being racist. armys been trying for years to keep it nice with certain western fandoms but all of them are rude and racist

Are we still making fun of Frank the Clown? Because #TheBoard found these gems.


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صدقه ل عبدالله بن فيصل بن تركي بن عبدالعزيز

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أضرّ ما على المكلف الإهمال وترك المحاسبة والاسترسال!!
@islamic_pic @maasm909 @___do3a @RTwit_1 @I111111I

Nessa ✰⋆

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the weverse translation situation is funny until you realize bts probably get those weird translations when they translate i-armys’ posts and that’s why they don’t respond to us

Manda 🩸the returned🩸

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i went to put my glasses away for the night only to realize they were in their case already..& i wore my rm's today

Nessa ✰⋆

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yoongi when sia came to record her part in ON


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I keep thinking a friend texting me but its just nct 😭😭


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Let me get this lul degree or whatever, chile.

Taehyung as Chokers/necklaces : a short thread.

Nessa ✰⋆

oli moved to @hccomme

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who made it socially unacceptable to not dress like this anymore i feel betrayed


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‧✧̣̥̇‧ ニャニャ ‧✧̣̥̇‧

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. 쟈니스 나

@starryJimin_ @jminsdimples Listen I'm on your side here. Just keep the expectations low, so you aren't disappointed either way

pran⁷ 🧈

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this is the most BTS thing ever

Nessa ✰⋆

andrea ♡s bts⁷ (💛)

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The little dance at the end of 'Telepathy'

Mr.T ❆ หมาป่าสีบลอนด์เนยจ่าฝูงดุดัน

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