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Пьяный Твиттер

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Еноты - мастера маскировки. Посмотрите, как этот енот слился с кирпичной стеной. Потрясающе.

An ordinary raccoon, bitten by a radioactive spider...


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a gente lembrando dos motoqueiros que ele derrubou


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얼마나 아빠가 보고 싶었으면...


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이런 망할자식! 살아있을 줄 알았어! 살아있을줄 알았다구!!


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다리 꼬고 있는 것도 x 참아보겠다고 힘 빡 주는 사람같음

W Magazine

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.@steveyeun’s hope with @MinariMovie is that “we can understand how many different people and experiences uphold the world we live in. You trudge through life but you forget to look back and realize the people upholding it with you are your family.”

Film Updates

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Steven Yeun photographed by Juergen Teller for W Magazine

riz ahmed and steven yeun deserve better than this because wtf are these photoshoots??!!! when i catch w magazine...


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'폭력 멈춰'보다 이게 더 쌘것 같아

미루우츠 [みるうつ]😷

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이지메 상대가 이오리

좋은말할때 놔라
두번말 안한다 놔라


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민니....야... 일루와 집에서 밥해줄께..