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seungyoun did wear it to youngstreet today 😆


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211025 조승연 영스트리트 출근 기사 사진
#조승연 #WOODZ

seungyoun did wear it to youngstreet today 😆

[포토] 우즈, '와줘~' 힐리스 신고 출근길 초토화 (출처 : MBC연예 | 네이버 TV연예)
#WOODZ #우즈 #조승연


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seungyoun: it’s something that’s like our MOODZ has always wanted…


#WOODZ #조승연 @c_woodzofficial


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그동안 우리 무즈여러분들이 바랫엇던걸수도잇구!

여러가지 재밋는 소식 많나봐 까아아아악
#조승연 #WOODZ

내가 가장 보고싶던 건 아무래도 예능이었는데.... 고정 음악예능이면 좋겠다는 생각... 거기다가 ㅈㅊㅅ 게스트도....


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아대체먼데 악

🗣: your fingers were showing ‘3’ and ‘1’
seungyoun: 😂😂😂 then try to guess what are these for~ *showing 3 & 1 repeatedly* it’s not fun if i tell you earlier~

#WOODZ #조승연 @c_woodzofficial

스탭분들한테두 다 드렸나봐 귀염둥이💗

“the cold weather has come but let’s have fun with WOODZ and jinhyukie on fiery friday at station z”

… 살빠진모습이너무좋다면전나쁜무즈일까요…? 평생아무래도나쁜무즈가될것같습니다.


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🐿: i am here with my album
🦊: thank you
🐿: i hope you can enjoy listening to it
🦊: *shows the album to the camera*
🐿: it’s upside down
🦊: i’m sorry 😄 it’s (a) precious (album)
🐿: thank you. i’ve received yours earlier too

#WOODZ #조승연 @c_woodzofficial

씨디를ㄹ왜저러고 받는거임 ㅇㅏ 심지어 거꾸로 들엇어