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[#오늘의ENHYPEN] 💗 최강 엔진 💗 덕분에 받은 상 🏆 엔진들의 사랑에 부응해 더 많은 사랑을 드릴 수 있도록 노력하는 엔하이픈이 될게요! #최강엔진 #최강이픈 #엔하이픈_엔진_영원하리라 #221129 @ MAMA

zi ❦ jay 🧸

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Jay and Jake appeared for just 2 seconds and went viral for their visuals, got everyone and their mamas asking for their names and this clip became one of the highlights of day 1. That’s just how relevant they’re.


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𓈒 ֯ 𝄞 มซน 🫖 ⸍꙳ ⌗ซอนอู ‏

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ห๊าาา เอนไฮเพนมาวันนี้ละ??? เอนจีนงง ทุกคนงง

zi ❦ jay 🧸

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💬: You’ve a dream to launch your brand. If you launch your own fashion brand, which item will you launch first?

🐈‍⬛: Items that aren’t too pricey and something that a lot of people can wear.


“if you launch a fashion brand, which item you will launch first”

🐈‍⬛: items that aren’t too pricey and something that alot of people can wear.


zi ❦ jay 🧸

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I find it so funny how some engenes love to make Jay being rich his only personality trait when he’s literally all about the “fck capitalism agenda”. His mind never fails to amaze me over and over again and I love him so damn much for that.

세라 • ᴇɴ-⁷

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not at jay suddenly talking abt capitalism✋🏻


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종성이 한림예고 졸사 고화질 🎓📸

한림예고 교복 입고 증명사진 너무 예뻐 ❤︎