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230201 大阪 団体サイン会 fansign


#에이티즈 #윤호 #ATEEZ #ユノ #YUNHO

yunho pics

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[☕️230204] SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITNESS 2nd week fansign #yunho

[SPIN OFF : FROM THE WITNESS] 2주 차 팬사인회 ATINY 1:1 시점👀 (2) #윤호

WITNESS] 2주 차 팬사인회 ATINY 1:1 시점👀

애들아 흑발 최산 대박. . .

[🗳FANPLUS] today is the last day to vote for yunhos birthday on fanplus! Please make sure to drop your votes, we need to keep staying in top10 🫶🫶


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🌸Stars born/debuted in March🌸

📍 Suggest candidates on comment
📍 born/debuted in March
📍 Various reward ADs
📍 Start : 3 Jan. 2023 17:00(KST)


SKZ Info Esp | The SOUND 🎼

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STAY, las nominaciones del poll de fecha de cumpleaños y debut para MARZO en Fanplus COMENZARON, así que vayan al tweet que les dejo aquí abajo y comenten el copy para nominar a Hyunjin y SKZ👇💗

Min Suga HQ⁷

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📢March birthday voting on Fanplus will start on January 3rd, 2023 at 17:00(KST)

Prepare all your accounts, and collect as many votes as you can. Let’s do our best for #SUGA!

9:50 - 9:53pm kst
- eng I took this today to send It on pm
- whats up with the eng
- why did I put eng there
- ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
- It became an eng party
- youre good at making fun of me
- eng I love you too
- eng do you think i'll do a eng heartyu at the end
- eng I wont

9:47 - 9:49pm kst
- ah right, it would be nice if we could eat together! ㅠ
- ah, hongjoong and I did each others nails*
- ah, the reels with mingi
- we filmed it on our way back to the hotel
- the song can be addictive yes

*here his pinky finger


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Looks like hongjoong painted yunho's nail? 🥺


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[🎬] どうでもいいような夜だけど🌙

#ATEEZ #에이티즈 @ATEEZofficial

9:13 - 9:20pm kst
- this is from today!
- we will go to osaka tomorrow
- I am watching y/n
- thank you for always saying good things to me
- I will always be by your side
- thank you rlly ❤️