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aisha ♡

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i can't believe they kissed here HAHAHAHA

Ben / OPfandom 

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I'll beat a motherfucker with another motherfucker!

❝You’re being to naive heroes!!❞
-Quirk: One for All
-Not new to character or verse
-Mirrors detail
-May be selective
-Non lewd
-Very selective for Fight RPs
-Looking for SLs
-No Ships
-Friendly writer
-Open to plot

aisha ♡

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atsu returning to his account seeing all the drama and fights

Hayes Brown

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Come back on Twitter after a few hours offline like #RachelDolezal


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It's kinda crazy that not a lot of time has actually passed in the show. #heroaca_a 40

bren 飛べ cookie runner

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ta chegando o nosso momento bakugou stans


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thinking about how bakugou probably wears eyeliner to fill in the gaps of his hero mask 🥰

bones said bakugou would look 2 powerful with eyeliner

and this bakugou...he’s for the intellectuals

ina 🦦 bkg lover

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me, at all times: are you in the right headspeace to talk about bakugou ?