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★ cam⁷

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can vmin stop making me feel so soft jskdj they are the most precious ever :( 💘

cel ⁷


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vmin’s friendship is one of the purest thing in this world they are so precious, look at them sharing earphones and joking around together i’m so soft :(

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그대로 기절,, 눈 떠보니까 건물이 너무 높아., 여긴 덫인가 빠진 건가 아직도 세상은 이상하고 꿈이 아니었구나 하는 국이 ,, 이제 좀 포기상태로 약간 울먹울먹 배고푸다 하고 누워있는데 구멍 위에 얼굴 하나 쑥 튀어나온다,, 흐음 하구 국이 봐

the other members look so done lmaO i'm WHEEZINg

the other members look so done lmaO i'm WHEEZINg

★ cam⁷

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look at their smiles :( i’m so soft

cel ⁷

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jimin always go so close to tae but when the latter turns towards him jimin gets all flustered

ᴄᴀᴛᴀ⁷ 🐼

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look at them smiling my heart skipped a beat


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대세를 따라.. 🐨🐨🐨

로우라 ♡⁷

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don't you just love it when jimin is whining and complaining

โอ๊ยยววจีมินㅠㅠ อดยิ้มไม่ได้เลยจริงๆ วอแวอะไรจะน่ารักมากมายขนาดนี้ วอแวแล้วน่ารักแบบนี้จะแกล้งน้องทุกๆวันเลย


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i swear i fall in love 1000x more when jimin speaks like this