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Apex Legends News

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Valkyrie's Punk Rocket skin is available now for Prime Gaming members.


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#Apex #エーペックスレジェンズ

Apex Legends日本語Wiki管理人

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ヴァルキリーのTwitch Prime限定スキン紹介動画🚀

Apex Legends News

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Valkyrie's Punk Rocket skin will be available later today for Prime Gaming members!

Biast12 (Tobias)

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The next Twitch Prime skins is for Valk

Name: Punk Rocket
Can be claimed: May 7th


this drops on May7th - what you guys think --- >yes or no ⁉️

FNL47 🐔👔

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yet another day as a cog in this machine, gm folks

FNL47 🐔👔

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bro ion even eat anymore, and that shit was the number one joy of my life

Its cuddle weather rn in NYC.
No one to cuddle with tho.

Apex Legends News

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"Style and class have come to the Apex Games"

1 year ago today, Loba joined #ApexLegends! 🐺

Electronic Arts

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Conoce a la mejor ladrona de las Tierras Salvajes: Loba 🐺


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Season 5で登場するローバ楽しみだな〜。大人のお姉さん感(^・∞・^)ブヒー
てか能力つよすぎんだろ笑 普通にランクでも需要あると思うし、そのうち弱体化はいる気がするな〜笑 まぁ使ってみないと分からないんだけど!( ˇωˇ )
#ApexLegends #Apex

cosSLAY cosplay

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Today i'll be going for those sweet Ranked Points in #ApexLegends Ranked over on the #cosSLAYcosplay Twitch Channel live now at

おすみす@アゲアゲ↗️↗️Movie Maker

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Apex Legends News

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2020 was a crazy year, but a great one for #ApexLegends!

4 new Seasons dropped: What was your favorite?

Apex Legends News

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EA expects Apex Legends "momentum" will continue into this year, and forecast that it will generate $750 million in this financial year.

"We've continued to add amazing content, amazing characters, amazing things to play, and bringing more and more people in."

Apex Legends News

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EA says Apex Legends player count in Season 8 was the highest it has been since Season 1 🚀

"[Apex] also delivered the best day, the best 24-hour period, the best week, the best month and best in-game event" for revenue in the past quarter."


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拡散協力お願いします(*- -)(*_ _)ペコ

便乗した\(ᯅ̈ )/

Apex Legends News

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EA says #ApexLegends Season 8 averaged more than 12 million weekly players.

"EA delivered a strong quarter, driven by live services and Apex Legends’ extraordinary performance. Apex steadily grew through the last year, driven by the team and the content they are delivering."

Apex Legends Season 8 Kicks Off Next Month, Adds the Gloriously-Mulleted New Legend Fuse

Apex Legends News

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Fix for Accidental nerf to Wattson's fences no longer stunning/slowing enemies is planned for next week.

Poor Ms. Paquette 😔