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ICYMI: Who doesn't love #JRPG and #RPG games? A 652 page book on Japanese RPGs is coming this June

Are you a fan of #RPGs or #JRPGs ? @bitmap_books has a 652 page book on Japanese RPGs is coming this June 😱
#Yakuza #Persona #ShinMegamiTensei #ShiningForce

I love colors on my keyboard 🤓 some #WednesdayWisdom for you folks right there
Credit 📸 u/Hammerhead_Bork
#PC #Steam #GamingMemes

Snoo's Keyboards

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Thought this sub might appreciate this - Source: by blackouut

Source codes for a bunch of games like #NBAJam #WWF #Wrestlemania and #SmashTV leaked online. Chandler from #Friends is a boss on #NBA Jam?? 🏀

Shenmue Dojo

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Matt and James are streaming to show off the newly released mod, showcasing the return of @EricKelsoVoice

Not only that we will be running some small giveaways throughout the night!

8.30pm BST

www, or

Shenmue Dojo

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James and Matt show off Eric Kelso reprising his role in as Ren in Shenmue III!

We're also giving away a couple of prizes across the night!

Join us for another great Shenmue stream! or

ICYMI: We like our #SEGA fighting games around these parts. Check out our #Retro Review of #FightersMegamix

#NeoGeo fans, get your wallets ready - @LimitedRunGames unleashes a physical version of #SNK 's Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 next week! 😱
#SamuraiShodown #RetroGaming


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NEOGEO POCKET COLOR SELECTION Vol.1 ダウンロード版 | My Nintendo Store(マイニンテンドーストア)