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Nessa ✰⋆ 🎫

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so we’re just gonna ignore the plagiarism? #bt21vstinytan

the only acceptable thing to send back to unsolicited dick pics or gross misdirected affection

Mrs. Kiryu Kazuma

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me: that cosplayer is really cute
felix: yeah she is

Full Time Loller li'l 🌳 listen to @onbeliefpod

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white genocide believers on twitter

Parker Molloy

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Trump reacting to anything, basically

Cowboy & The Goof

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what is it exactly about twitter democrats & sheet cake

Chris Stein

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Angela Merkel thinks Trump's Twitter suspension is 'problematic'

Rex Chapman🏇🏼

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Best. Cake. Ever...🤣😭🤣

Recomiendo la pastelería en Avenida ‘Insurgentes’.

Cowboy & The Goof

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someone should probably check to see that Three Dog is ok


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The Capitol at dusk. Photo by @LeahMillis

John Scott-Railton

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Our darkest hour.

Photo: @LeahMillis

Joe Calvello

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The US Capitol is still not cleared, it’s still held by right wing terrorists.

It’s been hours.


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