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David Tennant Photo Of The Day - with Catherine Tate Doctor Who, The Unicorn And The Wasp shoot

David Tennant

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To celebrate #DavidTennant's 46th birthday today, we're posting a different photo each hour.

굳세어라 마스터!
ㄴ왜 그딴식으로 번역하는데

Blogtor Who

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BIG FINISH: The War Master ‘The Master of Callous’ available now @bigfinish @gossjam @scott_handcock @GuyAdamsAuthor #DoctorWho #TheWarMaster

Blogtor Who

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REVIEW: The War Master: The Master of Callous - The War Master Has Returned… and So Have the Nightmares @bigfinish @gossjam @scott_handcock @GuyAdamsAuthor #DoctorWho #TheWarMaster

The Universe of Who

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What is your favourite episode of Torchwood? #DoctorWho

Doctor WhoとTorchwoodを交互に視聴中

I think their OKCupid date went bad...;) Walter Molino 1958 found on Tumblr by Thalo

미친어떡해?개주아 그냥 아우라가 지림 존나좋다 닥터도나어드벤처 내놔

탐넘분 트윗 슬쩍 보고 도나 헤어스타일에 꽂혀서 돌려보다가 찾음(411)


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와씨 이거 뭐임? 너무좋아서 울고있음

I'm hypnotic.

하는데 톤 ㅁㅊ나...

Big Finish Insider

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SAY SOMETHING NICE about this lovely cover: and pre-order the box set before Missy gets upset... due July 2020.


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정말이지 표지에 인간아닌 왹져가 일케 많은건 또 갈프 제외하고 첨이네