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51% of mass shooters in 2019 were black.

Only 29% were white.


Mecha Harambe-Actual, WebMD

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I feel like I've been lied to.


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The collapse of the west is happening now. Read this:

Scott Santens🧢🤠

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What's happening all around us is dangerous and wrong, but it's been happening so slowly and for so many decades, that it's very difficult to feel it happening. But it *is* happening and we must act NOW to stop it, and reverse it. Unconditional basic income is already necessary.

@TheOnion @junior_trainers he's chasing a muslim, to kiss his feet

The pope and his foot fetish

The billionaire and his poop fetish

I told yall these big girls coming hard this summer 💦

Al fin un maniquí que muestra como me quedará la ropa en realidad👍

✖️ Bigotitos ✖️

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Al fin un maniquí que muestra cómo me va a quedar la ropa exactamente, sin crear falsas expectativas.

Elías Zamorano 😝

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15 de septiembre / 20 de septiembre

ben campen

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There are more and more real Jews speaking out against Zionism

@CockneyActivist @SteelersRule07 @ipsc48 @NiallSF Lol Anti-Semitic❓👇

Peter #JezzaForChange

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@hannahjoinson1 @lucianaberger @margarethodge

Will Westcott

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Threatening to annihilate Iran for Israel is the exact opposite of America First.


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What’s the money for? War with Iran?

“No, no... it’s to secretly build the border wall” 😂