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I Got 32 Flavors Of That Bootylicious Bubblegum

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when Anime Twitter links up

Frize The UwU Devil

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"it's not bad when we do it" they deleted it, as they should.

PragerU/Gravel Institute Posting their L's online

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Another classic.

Just wow.

Сергій Аквіла

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5 бер. 1953 українські іммігранти в США пригощали всіх безкоштовним борщем на честь смерті Йосипа Сраліна


Jordan Ashley Moore

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Now that I've done Llamas with Hats in Latin I've set my sights on a more current legend: the Papa John "40 pizzas" interview in Latin.

James O'Keefe

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Our new bombshell on Google features an on the record whistleblower, top Executive @gennai_jen and Software engineer @GauravGite3 on hidden camera AS WELL AS confidential documents within the company.


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Google says facts are not fair...

I don't normally tweet politics anymore. But I do tweet on corporate censorship and media control. This latest Veritas leak should make it clear. Google, etc., all stack results and control what you see for social engineering.

Greg 🏳️‍🌈

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This doesn’t make the point they think it does.

Jose Luis Feliciano

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This is what lowered math standards does to you.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner go golfing with Donald Trump

New York Post

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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner go golfing with Donald Trump